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Sharing metadata

It is possible to split your metadata key definitions into multiple .spotmeta files, so that you can share a key library with others, and import key libraries into your own system.

SpotMeta maintains a list of active .spotmeta files. The list of keys you see when you open the SpotMeta metadata editor will include all the keys defined in all of the active files.

To manage the list of active files, choose "Key Definition Files..." from the SpotMeta application menu. From here you can temporarily disable files with the check boxes, or actually remove files from the list with the Remove button. The Edit Keys button will open the chosen file in the SpotMeta application for editing.

By default, the SpotMeta application edits the file Definitions.spotmeta, stored in ~/Library/SpotMeta. This file is automatically added to the list of active files, so for basic users, the application just appears to have a single list of defined keys.

You can create a new .spotmeta file by choosing "New" from the File menu. Once you have defined some keys, save it anywhere on your computer and the newly created file will be added to your active list.

You can email the file to others, or put it on a Web site or an office file server for sharing. Or just use the facility to group your metadata keys for easier management - keep separate files for project management metadata, costing metadata, testing metadata, programming metadata, etc.

To add a file you have received to the active list, double click on it to open it in SpotMeta, then click the "Save and Activate" button.




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