Ben Summers presents
Spotlight, the way you've always wanted it!

Unlock the full potential of Spotlight

Spotlight is much more than a simple text search. It's a powerful metadata based search engine, but one which is closed to the ordinary user.

SpotMeta allows you to add your own notes and markers to any file, then use Spotlight to find and organize them based on your own criteria.

For more information, see our guide to what metadata is, and how SpotMeta works.

Fully integrated into Mac OS X

SpotMeta allows you to use the existing Spotlight user interface to search and manage files, the way you want. It's totally integrated, and gives you the power to search and organize your files in new and productive ways.

Safe and Compatible

SpotMeta does not modify any part of your system, so won't stop your applications working. It can be uninstalled using the built-in uninstaller, or you can just drag it to the Trash and empty the Trash.


SpotMeta uses the advanced new filing system features in Tiger. The extra metadata you add is part of the information the folder stores about your file, and is copied with the file or stored on the network drive when you work with colleagues.

Open for Developers to extend

Other software can easily use the technology within SpotMeta without having to redo the hard bits. So third-party applications such as your own AppleScripts can use SpotMeta to add searchable metadata to files

For further information, see our guide for advanced users




How SpotMeta helps you organise your files

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SpotMeta is an Open Source project, licensed under the GPL.

See note about development status on the contact page.