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Applying Metadata to files

There are two ways to edit the metadata applied to a file.

  1. Press the SpotMeta Hotkey (by default, Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-M) to edit metadata for the files currently selected in the Finder or the current document any other application.
  2. Ctrl-click (or right-click) any file in the Finder, and choose "Edit Metadata with SpotMeta...".

The SpotMeta hotkey can be changed by choosing "Preferences..." from the SpotMeta application menu.

Finder context menu

With either method, a SpotMeta editing window will appear.

SpotMeta editing window

To apply your metadata to the file, click on the headings to expand the metadata entry field. To remove a value, click on the - button to the right.

When you have finished, close the window to apply the metadata and make it available in Spotlight.

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SpotMeta is an Open Source project, licensed under the GPL.

See note about development status on the contact page.