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Using SpotMeta

To install SpotMeta, simply drag it from the installation disc image to your Applications folder and run it.

There are three steps to using SpotMeta.

  1. Defining your keys to tell SpotMeta and Spotlight how you'd like to organize your files.
  2. Applying metadata to files to make your files searchable on your own criteria. This is the step you'll do most.
  3. Searching with metadata to use Spotlight to organize and manage your files. As well as doing ad-hoc searches, you can get the most out of SpotMeta by setting up a number of Smart Folders.

Advanced users may consider sharing spotmeta definitions, but most users will be able to stick with the basics.

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Using SpotMeta

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SpotMeta is an Open Source project, licensed under the GPL.

See note about development status on the contact page.